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Extra virgin olive oil tasting kit


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Selection of 6 0.50 litre bottles of three types of quality extra virgin olive oil.

This pack contains


An extraordinary opportunity to taste 3 of our cold-pressed extra virgin oils from selected, strictly Italian olives.

2 x 0.50 bottles of Fruttato

Organoleptic characteristics: This is an oil with a clean olive fragrance and a harmonious flavour of medium-light intensity.

Serving suggestions: We recommend using it on all dishes, both raw and cooked (meat, fish, seasonal vegetables, soups).

2 x 0.50 bottles of Solatìo

Organoleptic characteristics: This is a fragrant oil with herbaceous hints and a taste reminiscent of bitter almonds, a typical scent of oils from our area.

Serving suggestions: Given its taste tones (it can be classified as medium fruity) we recommend using it on raw vegetables, soups and grilled meats.

2 x 0.50 bottles of Verde Smeraldo

Organoleptic characteristics: A bright green oil with emerald hints, hence its name: Verde Smeraldo. Its aroma is characterised by the scent of freshly mown grass with a hint of bitter almond, typical of high quality oils. Its organoleptic characteristics are also found on the nose.

Serving suggestion: It is a medium-light fruity oil that is excellent on fresh vegetables, soups and meat dishes. For those who love oils, it is the ideal dressing for a dish of pasta in bianco with a drizzle of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Some good reasons to choose Sapigni oil:

  • Because it is produced in Italy from olives grown in Italy
  • Because it is cold pressed
  • Because it is obtained from selected olives milled a few hours after harvesting
  • Because with its unmistakable flavour it enriches and harmonises the taste of every dish.
  • Because Sapigni respects the environment.

Data sheet

Olive production area
Olive harvest period
Date of production
October-November 2021
Best before
April 2023
Processing time
In the day
Steel tanks under nitrogen atmosphere
Anti-refill cap
Waste disposal
We do not produce waste. Sansa, pate, peanut are used for energy purposes
Nutrition declaration
Average nutritional values per 100ml: Energy value KJ 3378 / Kcal 822 - Fat g 91, of which saturates g 14 - Carbohydrates g 0, of which sugars g 0 - Fribra g 0 - Protein g 0 - Salt g 0.

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