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The excellence of Italian Extra virgin olive oil

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The scent and flavour of our oil EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) will captivate you at the very first taste. We commit to curating the details of each phase of production, from the selection of raw material, to milling of the olives, to finally the bottling of the oil. All with a focus on tradition and attention to technological inventions which allow us to produce a superior olive oil without dispersing any production waste into the environment. Nevertheless, our strong focus on traditions have not made us neglect the innovations within oil mill technology, but rather made us conjugate traditions and historical company know-how with modern-day advancements. This is one of the reasons to the success of our extra virgin olive oil from fine olives to the unique taste.

Selected Italian olives

To ensure the variety of taste and aroma

Milling within a few hours after harvest

To preserve the organoleptic qualities

Quality and sustainability

To close the cycle while preserving the environment

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The selection of olives

The exclusively Italian raw material comes from our own- and other local olive groves in the hills of Rimini, as well as from olive groves in other regions in Italy, selected with care for utmost quality of the crops. In this way we can offer a wide range of extra virgin olive oils, including organic oils, of different flavours and aromatic intensities. Processing happens within a few hours after harvest to conserve the scent and characteristics of the olives, and to bestow the oil’s organic properties which provides it`s unique taste and aroma.


The production of the Sapigni EVO oil

Our continuous production plant allows us to obtain a product of constant high quality with the guarantee of maximum hygiene as no one are in contact the product during the milling process. We adapt an extraction system over two phases, with extraction of the oil for centrifugation, without addition of water, this way obtaining a more scented, aromatic oil of an intense green colour.

Production steps

  • Cleaning and defoliation
  • Frangitura
  • Oily must separtion
  • Separation of water from oil
  • Filtering

Natural mechanical pressing

The extraction of oil from the olives through a continuous system takes place in two centrifugation processes. In fact, following the cleaning and defoliation, the olives are crushed by mill stones of stone and kneaded in stainless steel tanks, where each tub contains a single batch of olives. The first process of centrifugation separates the liquid part from the solid part, more specifically the mix of water and oil from the crushed olive fruit. Furthermore, the second centrifugation performs the separation of water from oil. At this point the oil is ready to be consumed. The final part consists of filtering, or the passage of oil in a layer of cotton wool which eliminates that part of fruit and moisture that would otherwise settle in the bottom of the container. In this way we get a healthy, limpid and genuine product, only through the natural mechanical pressing of the olives.


The environmental sustainability of the process

Sapigini adapts a production system utterly respectable of the environment, which does not produce pollutants or process waste that has to be disposed, but rather usable by-products. From the new two-phase centrifuge in addition to oil, a by-product called pate is obtained which has important nutritional properties to supplement the feed. In addition, the by-products are utilized in bio digestion processes to produce biogas and electric energy. The olive pomace, that is the olive’s solid part, is processed to obtain two other by-products: pomace of pulp, and pits. The pitted pomace is sent to biodigesters to produce biogas, while we use the pits as a biofuel for heating. Consequently, the cycle is closed and each by-product is utilized and nothing is dispersed into the environment.


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