Verde Smeraldo lt. 3 tin

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 Extravirgin olive oil "Verde Smeraldo" lt. 3 tin

NEW OIL - Production October-November 2021


The name of this oil comes from its bright emerald green color.

Its aroma is characterized by freshly cut grass with an aftertaste of bitter almonds, typical of high quality oils.

Its organoleptic characteristics can be confirmed in its scent. It is a medium-light fruity oil ideal with fresh vegetables, soups and meat. Those who are particularly fond of oil should try it on plain pasta with Parmigiano Reggiano.

Reasons for choosing Sapigni oil:

  • Made in Italy from Italian olives
  • Cold pressed
  • Obtained from selected olives milled within a few hours of harvest
  • Enrichens and harmonizes the flavor of every plate with its extraordinary taste.
  • Sapigni cares for the environment

Data sheet

Verde smeraldo
Date of production
October-November 2021
Best before
April 2023

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