How many calories does EVO oil have?

Do you love to taste extra virgin olive oil on your dishes but are you afraid that it has too many calories? Our article will clarify any doubts.

Are you a lover of bruschetta with oil and haven't you disposed of the recipes from Easter holidays yet? Are you here to find out if it is because of oil that you have switched from ‘scarpetta’ to the exercise bike?

Well, you have chosen the best article to understand whether to feel guilty or not for example when you taste your tomato pasta recipe. Before discovering the calories of Evo oil, it is important to remember, as written in this article, its high percentage of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, in particular oleic acid or "good fat", essential for many of our biological processes.

These "good" fats, numerous in the extra virgin, are able to control the level of LdL cholesterol, also called "bad cholesterol", at the origin of the most important cardio-vascular problems.

So, how many calories does EVO oil have?

It has about 8.9 calories per gram, and again thanks to the "good" fats present in this product, we better assimilate some vitamins (A, D, E, K) and calcium, usually taken by eating fruit and vegetables. For the more curious, a spoon, corresponds to about 10 grams, has only about 90.

Numerous researches recognize the Mediterranean Diet, and extra virgin olive oil in particular, an important role in the prevention of some cancers. In fact, recent Italian research indicates the anti-inflammatory capacity of extra virgin oil as an important tool for preventing bowel cancer, and the anti-tumor potential is still being studied.

So if you are still undecided whether to continue using EVO oil in your diet or not, here is the last gem deriving from some scientific research: if used in a balanced way, the EVO oil helps fight obesity. Furthermore, from the joint investigation between the University of Munich and Vienna, it emerged that the oil promotes the sense of satiety, while other research sees it as a protagonist in protecting the stomach from inflammation, also facilitating digestion and preventing intestinal swelling.

To conclude, remember that olive oil is the only vegetable fat extracted exclusively with mechanical processes, therefore without any chemical process.

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