"Slow Food Oil: 'Colle Natio dei Centenari' Presidium 2024

'Colle Natio dei Centenari', the jewel in the crown of Oleificio Sapigni, confirms its Slow Food Presidium status again this year, a recognition of quality and tradition.

Sustainability and land value

It is with pride that we announce that our beloved 'Colle Natio dei Centenari' oil has once again been recognised as a Slow Food Presidium for this year. This status is not only a symbol of superior quality, but also that of an unwavering commitment to sustainability, the preservation of Italian gastronomic traditions and the valorisation of the land.

The wonder of 'Colle Natio dei Centenari' oil

Coming from over 100-year-old olive trees, 'Colle Natio dei Centenari' is an organic extra virgin olive oil of rare quality. The olives, selected from the Correggiolo, Rossina and Moraiolo varieties, are harvested in our historic olive groves located in the hills of Rimini, in an ideal microclimate in the Emilia Romagna region, giving the oil a distinctive aromatic profile with notes of artichoke, bitter almond and freshly cut grass. The processing follows processes that preserve all the organoleptic properties of the oil, making it not only an excellent condiment but also a true panacea for health.

What is the Slow Food Presidium

The Slow Food Presidium is an award given to products that are exemplary in promoting local food biodiversity. Products with this seal are guaranteed to be of superior quality, sustainably produced and able to offer the consumer a unique taste experience. The Slow Food Presidium is a label that identifies products unique in the world for their organoleptic quality linked to artisanal and sustainable production techniques. These products are custodians of history, tradition and landscapes.

Slow Food: a global movement

Founded in Italy in 1986, Slow Food is a global organisation that promotes food as a universal right, emphasising the importance of preserving regional food cultures and traditions against modern food standardisation. Through its work, Slow Food connects small, quality producers with conscious consumers through initiatives like the Presidium, to keep alive traditional production methods that respect the environment and enhance local communities.

Why this recognition is important

The renewal of this prestigious award for our 'Colle Natio dei Centenari' confirms Oleificio Sapigni's constant dedication to quality and excellence. It represents not only a commitment to sustainable agricultural practices but also reaffirms our role as custodians of an invaluable culinary heritage.

A commitment to the future

Oleificio Sapigni continues to dedicate itself to the production of an oil that not only delights the palate but also actively contributes to the protection of our gastronomic and environmental heritage. Colle Natio dei Centenari' is not just a product; it is a promise of integrity and uncompromising quality.

We invite all food enthusiasts to discover and experience the taste and excellence of our 'Colle Natio dei Centenari' and find out for yourself why it has been deservedly awarded the Slow Food Presidium. Visit the product sheet for further details and to immerse yourself in the profound history that every drop of this oil brings.

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