New oil, what will it look like?

Soon the oil campaign will begin, we will begin the harvesting, selection and milling of the olives. What will the new oil be like?

Soon new oil will finally come back to the tables of Italians. That's right because there is a specific time of the year when you have a chance to taste the newly produced oil, and it's right in November.

The 2022 harvest

This past year's harvest is unfortunately spoiled by weather events and the extreme heat that characterized the last Italian summer. Despite the fact that olive trees do not need a large amount of water, the drought climate that just passed has put a strain on these plants, which have suffered severe water stress throughout the Peninsula, from north to south, penalizing the southern ones the most.

According to the newspaper La Repubblica, it was "a devastating drought never seen in the last 70 years."

In these cases of "adverse" weather, the olive tree enters "protection," reducing its activity and consequently producing fewer olives.

Quality oil from Emilia Romagna

It will certainly be a less abundant harvest, but let's forget the "filler" year and focus on the quality of these olives. Let's say right away, however, that the quality is safe!

Meanwhile, Emilia Romagna, despite the climatic problems, managed to safeguard the harvest, having been meteorologically luckier than the southern Italian regions.

Moreover, also this year the olive oil we produce will have as its imperative "quality" that has distinguished us for years and that has allowed us to win numerous awards and, above all, to earn the appreciation and satisfaction of our customers. This is also thanks to the rigorous selection of olives, the care and experience of a mill active since 1850. In fact, every year Italian and foreign customers rely on Oleificio Sapigni certain to have the guarantee of taste and superior quality.

What will the new oil be like?

It will be excellent then, as always. Newly produced Sapigni oil has accentuated to the maximum all the characteristics of quality extra virgin. It is an enhancement of scents and flavors that will be more pronounced. Characteristics that then oils of mediocre quality will quickly lose but instead will remain unaltered for a long time in our EVO oil. In addition, the modern preservation technologies we adopt in our mill help to further maintain these characteristics even over time.

Taste Sapigni's new oil

The new oil is almost ready, soon you will have the chance to bring it to the table. Don't miss this opportunity that only happens at this time of year. In November you will be able to buy it online at our website or directly at the mill if you are passing through Rimini. Enjoy it with your favorite dishes, but first taste it raw on bread, you'll feel the aroma and flavor of our superior quality release.

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