Extra virgin olive oil

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Selected italian olives, cutting-edge technology, and attention to tradition and environmental sustainability are the main secrets of the Sapigni extra virgin olive oil. Ever since 1850 we produce the EVO oil, cold extracted exclusively from Italian olives from our territory, from our own olive groves and from selected companies in other regions of the peninsula. The result of our daily commitment is a wide variety of organic and non-organic extra virgin oils, different in taste and aroma but united by the excellent superior quality, our corporate mission for 4 generations.

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Selected raw material

Italian olives, from our olive groves and national farms, processed within a few hours after harvesting

Innovation and tradition

State-of-the-art extraction system and old granite millstones to ensure a more fragrant and tastier oil

Environmental sustainability

Production process without environmental waste dispersion, using the by-products in other processes

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The Oil Mill

From the producer to your table

The certainty of purchasing EVO oil of superior quality directly from an Oil Mill with a long history. As a matter of fact, Giovanni Sapigni began the production of olives from the secular olive groves on his property in 1850, on the sweet rolling hills of Poggio Berni, Rimini. Today, as the fourth generation, we have a highly technological production system while still maintaining particular attention to the tradition and details of the entire process.

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Throughout the years our work has received the encouragement of our clients who appreciate the Sapigni oil and products. In addition, we have also obtained various important acknowledgements and professional awards.
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