Sapigni’s history dates back to 1850,when Giovanni Sapigni decided to change his olives into extra-virgin olive oil from his secular property placed on the smooth hill sides of Poggio Berni in Rimini.

From then on it has been a family tradition to pass the secret art knowledge from one to another.

Still today, after four generations, there is among the family the deep passion for this ancient job and the love for the plant and its precious fruits. The olives are the matter of this noble product with its organoleptic  characteristics good for human health. The balanced harmony between nature and technology, tradition and innovation embrace with the farm’s philosophy towards the future. This means that it is possible today to keep the old fashion way of using the ancient conception of cold pressing with granite millstones with new machinery and new extraction techniques.

A deep and careful research has been constantly growing in time, adding more olive-groves to the centuried ones, which is the basic secret of Sapigni’s quality.